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December 13, 2018

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How we got here...

January 28, 2018

Here we go…


In 2017 I started a freelance administration business providing virtual assistance and bookkeeping to business owners and entrepreneurs. By taking some of the paperwork and business tasks off their plate my plan is to give them some time back to focus on the parts of the business they like and growth.


In addition to providing these services, I recently discovered something called accountability coaching. It immediately stood out to me as something I am really good at and something I absolutely love - making well-structured plans and sticking to them. As cheesy as it sounds, I actually do want to help other people succeed. I find nothing more rewarding than others being happy – it makes me happy too!


That being said, I know it can be difficult when you have dreams and visions but no idea how to make them a reality. That’s where I think I can really provide value.


By not being emotionally involved in your goal (at least initially) I can provide an outside perspective about what the goal would take to make it happen.


Every task can be broken down into a series of smaller more accomplishable tasks which seem far less daunting. And breaking tasks down this way provides a more realistic and manageable expectation of the timescale and effort needed to achieve your dream.


Now, it isn’t all plain sailing and easy going. If it was easy everyone would do it right?

The reason someone would need an accountability coach is because achieving your goals and not letting life get in the way is difficult. It’s always easier to deprioritize yourself and your dreams when others around you are demanding your time and attention.


But what if there was someone in your corner, wanting you to succeed and checking up on your progress? Would that make you feel that your dreams were valid and important?


I honestly believe that ANY dream is achievable, it’s our own beliefs and limitations that stop us aiming for them.


So to my goals – This blog will provide a running commentary of my own accountability coaching on myself.


Here’s the back story.

October 2016 - I started running when my daughter was 10 months old. I have never really run distances before and didn’t really think I was capable. I was semi fit and did a lot of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) but I wasn’t sure my knees and ankles could survive running. But the child care at the gym was a great way for my daughter and I to get some independence and I suddenly found myself able to run 3 miles without too much trouble.


December 2016 – A Christmas party and a few glasses of champagne later and I had committed with a friend to run half marathon the f


ollowing year. Did I regret saying this – yes slightly, but did it motivate me to carry on…. Absolutely!


January 2017 – I chose my race date and created my plan!


October 2017 - There were a few setbacks throughout the year with Turf Toe, Achilles problems and plenty of other delays … but … I did it. I ran the half marathon in 2hrs 4 mins and was sooooo proud of myself.

Most people run and say never again but I was so fired up that I committed that same day that this year (2018) I was going to run a full marathon!


So here I am, January 2018 and it seems that my two goals have combined somehow!!! Fate? Destiny? (I believe in both things by the way).


Some people may not consider that goal a massive achievement or challenge, but to me it was, your goals and what you want to achieve are very personal to you and something that I take extremely seriously, whether that be walking 2.6 miles or running 26! Judgement is destructive and not something I partake in!


I want to show others that you can make a realistic plan and achieve ANYTHING, and I have set myself a goal that I need to focus on – So this blog is created…. Which is again something I never thought I would do, blogging.


We’ll have to see how it all plays out but I’m hopeful for both goals now! I will be keeping you updated on how things are going.  


Next blog will be about creating plans and making sure they’re realistic.




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