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December 13, 2018

November 3, 2018

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Keep Pitching!

November 3, 2018



Baseball season is over… but that doesn’t mean the players stop training.

And you should keep pitching too!


It is now November, and there are only 58 days of 2018 left. About this time of year, we start thinking about holidays and find ourselves uttering the words “in the new year”, but why wait until the new year? Why not start now? Or at least make some foundations? Everyone else will ‘start in the new year’, why not get a head start and be in front of the pack?



Did you know that on average, when you pitch your services to potential clients, you get the following responses:


8 non-responses

These are frustrating and can leave you feeling like that was the point? But, the point is you put yourself out there!

These are not rejections, they are merely encouragements to keep going, to show your value and keep spreading your word. There (there are or they’re?) 8 are foundations, an opening and basis for a future relationship.


1 rejection

Ouch… sounds painful doesn’t it. But, it’s an acknowledgement that they received your pitch and it wasn’t for them, at this moment in time. It was not a rejection forever more.  You put yourself out there, they are aware of you and your services, and in the future if they have a need, you will be fresh in their minds and maybe first on their list to call.


A rejection can be changed to a selection, similar to the non-responses, keep building on your foundation and showing your value.


1 Selection

Yay!! The effort of sending 10 pitches may only lead to 1 yes, but that’s a 10% success rate!

It’s a further chance to hone your skills, offer value and grow your network. Now get to work and use this as a chance to sell yourself further, you are your walking advert. 


People always ask, 'who should I be pitching to?'


Well, anyone and everyone you come in to contact with. Without talking to people, you have no idea if they could use your services or not! Be bold and put what you do out there; you never know who in your network might become a lead.






Connections within our own networks are called bonds. They are people that we share a common bond with, an interest. They already have a vested interested in you and who you are, so share yourself. They are interested in what you have to say and offer and would choose you over others not in their network.



Often, there are bonds within your network that can bridge the gap to other networks. Your connections each have their own networks with some similar and some different bonds to you. Your bond can help connect you with their bonds and help widen your network. The shared connection is the best reference you can get, a personal recommendation from a mutual connection.



Sometimes, there are no links between two networks. Sometimes, there is just a shared need which cannot be met from within a network, so they need to seek resources from elsewhere.


These links can be difficult to find, as there is no common link. However, there are now more ways than ever to find other networks.


Check out

- Networking events

- Social media

- Online/websites


Give your business cards out wherever and whenever possible and speak about what you do and who you are… your perfect clients are out there. They may not know they need you, but you can show them.