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Personal Assistance and Errand Running

September 18, 2018




When you say you’re a personal assistant people normally imagine you’re working in an office for a C-level executive, on call to them 100% of the time for whatever services they need, but this is not what I do at all!


Maybe some high flying executives needs that commitment as a full time role, but most people running their own business are not high flying execs! In fact most people running their own business actually need PA services, but such is the stereotype of the full time PA they may not even think this is something that is possible to that they can afford.


My business aims to provide services to multiple clients on an as needed basis, meaning that I work for multiple clients and there is no need to try and fill (and pay for!) 100% of my time. This is a huge cost saving to those requiring expert PA services as they only need compensate the business on a pro rata basis.


Offering PA services this way really opens up the potential for everyone to have a PA!

Imagine being able to offload those jobs that absolutely need to be done but distract from the creative stuff that makes you buzz? Being able to have someone do tasks during the week to save you having to go during busy times like evenings and weekends?


It is often assumed that PA’s only work for businesses when actually, the majority of the PA work is private, for personal benefit and tasks.



I find running errands a very American term! It’s one of those small cultural language oddities you can struggle to get used to when you’ve moved to a new country, but I think after four years, I might finally be accepting it.  Maybe it’s a British thing that we don’t use it, maybe it’s even a Welsh thing, but for me if I needed to ‘run errands’ I would normally just describe the actual errands I was running!


While it’s a term that is known in the UK, probably mainly from cross Atlantic TV shows, for my UK peeps, running errands basically means doing all the daily life things that need to get done. Running to the bank, post office, grocery store, paying bills, getting pet food, picking up prescriptions, you get the gist!


So I can see why these all get clumped in to one ‘running errands’ heading, but sometimes when it’s described in that way it can seem like you are making up tasks you have to go and do, to get out of doing something else!


Nevertheless, I do think the title errand running is appropriate, and it is something that most people hate doing! It takes time to do all these things. The traffic! The ques! The call center staff who have no idea what you are talking about!


Has anyone ever wondered why it takes people so much time at a cash machine outside the bank!? What are these people possibly doing!? Reading War and Peace!? When they get a mini-statement of their five most recent transactions most people you can watch the stress levels rise exponentially as they seem genuinely befuddled by the data they’ve just received on a small receipt spat out by a machine and need a good ten minutes to process the information! Maybe it’s just that most people are surprised when they see their bank balance, surely it must be higher than THIS!? Then you have to wait for excruciatingly annoying seconds it takes for the machine to say ‘Thank You’ to the person who just left!!


In any case, this is your time! Time people would rather spend doing something far more productive for their business to bolster that bank balance. People are working more and more hours and after a long day or week of work, running errands is the last thing you want to be doing, especially when RDT Support is here to help!


That’s why it can be the perfect kind of task to outsource.  Take back your leisure time so you’re not rushing around on evenings and weekends.



Errand running is also a vital service for the elderly, or those house bound (not quite the high flying exec stereotype, eh!?). Having someone you can trust to pick up prescriptions, fill out paperwork or help understand and complete complex tax forms and help you stay on top of life can be massive mood boosters, create peace of mind and encourage improvement to emotional wellbeing.



Now obviously there can be logistical restrictions here, if the requirements cannot be handled online (like travel planning, for e.g.) then the errand runner needs to be within the local area need, but there are people all over the world looking to help out and do tasks like this for you.

If you have a specific need, please get in touch and I will find someone, vet them and make sure you get the service you need.


Here’s a list of the kinds of errands you can get help with today!

  • Grocery Shopping

  • Gift Shopping

  • Paying bills/cutting checks

  • Paperwork completion and submissions

  • Prescription pick ups

  • Package drop off/collection from post office

  • Card writing and sending

  • And many, many more!

Coming in to the holiday seasons, there tends to be more errands that need doing – I’ll do a separate blog on this soon.


There are restrictions as to what exactly the PA can do (we can’t go to the doctor for you!!), but we can make life that little bit easier by making the appointment, getting paperwork in order and collecting prescriptions. 


Your time is valuable and if you think about your rate per hour, you’ll see that it’s totally worth outsourcing these and saving more so you can do more productive tasks.