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'Tis the Season...

December 13, 2018



'Tis the season for stress!


Most fairytales depict the holiday season as a time of joyful festivities and fun. Whilst this may be the case for some, for many, it’s also a time of stress and stretching themselves too thin by trying to accomplish too much from the resources available – time and money!


Meditation apps have published increased levels of use around this time of the year, showing that people feel extremely stressed out.


But it needn’t be this way! There are lots of holiday related tasks that can be easily outsourced so you can get some festive free time.  


Holiday cards take forever to write, right?


So why not give someone else your address book and have them write and send them for you?

Holiday card writing is something that shouldn’t actually take a huge amount of time when you sit down and concentrate on it, but most people try and do it ad hoc, in dribs and drabs, and that means it takes longer to do!


Of course, there are plenty of options for printed cards but sometimes you want a more personal handwritten touch. A VA can help either way, whichever you prefer!

Plus, they can ensure cards receive the correct postage and make their destinations on time.


Obviously it relies on you having an address book or contacts that can easily be shared… if you don’t, why not have the VA create that at the same time to maximize the bang for your buck?

 Have a list of things you want to get from local stores or online?


Again, this is something that takes time to search or actually go and do. Luckily, stores are open late in to the evening and on weekends, but this is typically when they are the busiest, and again this is then eating in to your non-working time.


Hiring a personal shopper means they can go to stores or shop online for you!


What’s more, expert shoppers can find the best deals and shop around so you don’t have to. Ever been looking for an elusive toy that you just can’t get because when you go to the store after work it’s already sold out? Shoppers can make sure they get to the store when you can’t, to get those toys before they sell out.


Personal shoppers can take your lists and turn them into full wrapped presents underneath the tree, complete with gift tags, ready for unwrapping!


And, receipt organization and filing in case there are any people that you just can’t please with those awesome gifts. We know returns sometimes take even longer that the initial purchases!


 The dreaded budget! It’s a well known fact that many people put Christmas on the credit card. This can be a great option for the short term (and even have benefits if you have the right credit card rewards), but if you don’t pay it off in time, it can quickly become a very expensive way to celebrate, doubling the stress for not just Christmas but the following year as well!


Keeping a close track of your expenses and checking what you spend can prevent debt building up without you noticing how bad it’s getting.


A Bookkeeper can help you to keep track of your purchases and keep a focus on finances. Archiving receipts and creating spending reports can really be a huge benefit in making sure you know what it’s all costing instead of just paying on cards and turning a blind eye.


They can also help with keeping an eye on an overall picture without having to give present secrets away!

 One of the most stressful things anyone can do is travel… but to travel over the holidays is even worse. Tons of people, logistics, present carrying… sounds tiring doesn’t it?

A Virtual Assistant can take all of this off your plate.


Having an extra set of eyes look over your schedule can identify issues you hadn’t spotted (like layovers that aren’t long enough) and having an extra person on hand to help rearrange (if someone goes wrong) can immediately lower the BP!


Plus they could look in to shipping presents to their desired location so you don’t have to deal with carrying them on and off planes, trains and Ubers!


There are so many daily tasks that can be outsourced to help you regain some of your free time, not just during the holidays, but throughout the year.


Christmas however is known to be one of the most busy and stressful times so don’t be afraid to ask for some support and value your time to enjoy friends and family.