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Transcription & Closed Captioning

August 21, 2018



Who said what?


Ever been in that situation where you are sure you said something but everyone else is sure you said something else?!


There is a solution to this… transcription!


Transcription provides written dialogue of videos, conversations, interviews and meetings. It provides everyone with a word by word account of what was said.

Transcription sounds super easy… but it can be far more difficult that it first seems. Poor sound quality, difficult accents and obscure subject matters can make it hard to transcribe some content.

A professional transcriptionist uses a foot pedal to start and stop audio and improve typing speed to a minimum of around 70 words per minute. Professional court reporters can even type up to speeds of 200+ words per minute. 


Transcriptionists are trained to never alter what is said or the meaning, but to make it easy for the reader to read and understand.




Verbatim Transcription


Verbatim transcriptions go one step further and transcribe everything as heard… including ums, ahs and repeated words. These transcriptions are usually used for situations where the way in which something was said is very important. For example, police interviews and legal conversations where the delivery of the spoken word can change the meaning of the content and imply emotion.  



Closed Captioning


Did you know that surveys show that around 80% of all video content watched on a mobile device is viewed with the sound turned off! How crazy is that? It means that the majority of people start watching a video, then realize they can’t follow along because the sound is off and so swipe past and bypass the content all together. It is a conscious decision for most social media users to partake noise free.


Closed captioning involves laying the transcription over the video as subtitles so that people can read along and still engage with the content.


For businesses, captioning opens up a whole audience who would otherwise have swiped past.

It also makes the content accessible for the deaf and hard of hearing community.


Sign Language


Since my daughter was born, we have been practicing sign language. We are both hearing, but she at times preferred to use sign language over speech (I think because of a mix of accents she was exposed to).


From learning with her, I have really become interested in developing my sign language further – what an amazing skill it would be to have and offer. I love languages and I think it would be valuable to be able to help the deaf community engage with content.


Transcription and closed caption services are my way to do that (for now) until my sign language develops a little further and I can be a benefit, instead of a hindrance!


If you have any questions about transcription or closed captioning, please Get In Touch.

A relatively inexpensive service has the ability to broaden your audience in ways you may not have considered!