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What is a VA?

July 20, 2018

What Exactly Do I Do?


My business is now a year old!! Whilst I quite simply cannot believe it, I also struggle with the fact that some people still don’t even know what I really do.

So I thought it would be good to start some blog posts about what services I offer, my daily work life and some general business support stuff that might be of interest to some.



About RDT Support


I started my business in July 2017 after receiving my employment approval document which allowed me to work in America. I had already been living here for about 2 years but up until that point, my visa didn’t allow me to work, or even volunteer!


I had been so lucky to be able to stay home with my daughter and be a fully time Mumma (with a ‘u’ because I’m British!). Whilst I was sooooooooooooo (is that enough o’s to show how happy I was?) happy to do that, the visa issue kind of meant I didn’t have a choice in the matter and took it out of my hands.


When the visa arrived, I was put in a completely different situation. It was now my choice whether I wanted to work or not.


I had worked since the age of sixteen (part time whilst I was in school) and after graduating high school I chose not to attend full time college (even though I was accepted), instead choosing to study alongside working. I worked full time from the age of eighteen until I was twenty-seven and left to go on maternity leave and have my daughter -This was also when I moved abroad and no longer had the work option. 


So the visa brought about new emotions and a challenge for me. I really wanted to carry on being a full time Mumma, but I also wanted to contribute to my family’s income and to feel fulfilled professionally.

Most importantly though, I wanted to work for myself. I wanted a flexible schedule so I could be there for my daughter and still travel with my family whenever I needed.


I have always had strong aspirations to provide support and value to others around me, and I knew my experiences and support could benefit others. My business aims to help others grow through delegation of tasks, allowing them to free up their time to focus on the parts of the business they love. The majority of my work experience is in administration and my degree is in Business Management focusing on Financial and Management Accounting.


After a lot of Google (and soul) searching I discovered that what I was trying to describe to people actually had it’s own name, it’s own profession and even a Wiki page. 

Finding out others were already offering these services was a game changer for me and I was quickly able to find out more about getting started and what I could offer.


So… What is it?


Virtual Assistants provide freelance administration support to individuals and businesses. They provide similar services to an Office Administrator but provide them on a contract basis utilizing modern technology for communication and productivity.


There are many benefits of hiring a VA over an in-house employee. It typically costs up to $5000 dollars to hire an employee and the actual bottom line cost per year is usually 1.25-1.4 times their salary because of overhead costs including taxes, benefits and physical requirements.

Hiring a Virtual Administrator cuts out all those costs as the VA is self employed so responsible for all overheads. Plus, they don’t need any physical space or equipment because they use their own and work from home.


I have now been in business for a year which is a huge milestone for any business. It has shown me that there is a genuine need for the services and that is something I can only see growing as the world becomes more technology driven.  Large companies like Hilton, American Express an Apple are all utilizing virtual employees and leading the change in the employment world moving from physical to virtual.


There are so many services that specialized VA's can offer!!